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Pinto Custom Blades is located in Alamogordo New Mexico, USA. 

I am an independant knifemaker and I produce custom knives according to my own designs and artwork.  Each of my knives are original and titled after one of the horse breeds from around the world.   I create knives meant for most any purpose; such as, hunting, tactical, skinning, bushcraft, kitchen, utility, survivalist etc. 

My knives are both functional and collectible.  I am presently using 1095 High Carbon steel, 01 Tool Steel, and 440C Stainless Steel;  however, other steel types are available on request.

I love to embellished my knives with original artwork by using the acid resist method, unless the buyer chooses to leave the knife without artwork. 

I want my knives to not only be  useful, but also to be a piece of art. Knives pleasing to the eye that can also be passed on for generations. 

All original artwork is created by me.  Each knife is one of a kind.  Some knife designs are repeated but the artwork created on them is totally original, and no two knives are exactly the same. 

All of my knives are completely customizable by steel type, artwork, handle material and sheath work. 

I  produce my own custom sheaths with leather, Kydex & wood.  Various other materials are used for adornments as well. You will find I am always experimenting with new ideas and materials. 

When you purchase a knife from me, you are not just getting a tool, you are also getting a part of my soul.  I pour my heart into each and every knife;  because, I consider them all to be a part of my life's creations, a piece of myself that will be left behind when I am long gone.


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Phone:  575-491-9992

E-mail:  pintoblades@yahoo.com

Most knives are made to order, if something is immediately  available, I will mention it in the description.

The prices listed on products page are the general base price.  This price can vary depending on customization requested.  Please call us to discuss custom requests and current pricing. 

Although we have a working shopping cart, it is best to call or email for current prices since each knife is usually customized for each customer.   We can send you a PayPal invoice to your email after discussing requests and prices.  We do require a 50% down payment on any custom knife produced.  The remaining 50% is due just before shipping. 


"The Pompano"

"The Zebra Dunn"



Besides making knives, I am also a Koi fish keeper.  I feed my personal koi collection with Blackwater Creek's brand of koi food.  My Koi love it!  I also buy my koi from Blackwater Creek Koi Farms. I am an official Blackwater Creek Affiliate.  Click on anyone of the Koi Ads and you will see why I do business with them exclusively.

If you click on any of my Blackwater Creek advertisements, you will get a discount on your purchase and I will get a small commision, everyone wins!   

Blackwater Creek is a one stop international koi breeder and food supplier with extensive knowledge and research on breeding, raising amd feeding some of the worlds finest Koi. 



We are proud to offer fish produced by Blackwater Creek Koi Farms Inc in Florida because of many things. 

        1. They are a closed facility and the fish sold by them are raised by them. No fish are bought or sold and this ensures a healthy safe fish.
        2. They are American bred and this means a better fish and support for our economy.
        3. The butterfly Koi  produced are the best in the world. Varieties are available that you will not find anywhere else.
       4.  Fish are available year round and in all the varieties and most sizes. At most suppliers, fish are only available at certain times of the year and this limits the supply of good fish.
Get started with your first koi or add some new ones to your pond!  Just click on the advertisment above and go find your dream koi, or purchase some of the finest food available for your koi.  You'll be glad you chose Blackwater Creek for all your koi needs.  


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